Nov 1, 2009

An update

It's been a while since I've blogged. I am not going to make excuses for myself, but here is an updated post...sort of. My memory card reader adapter thingy was mysteriously broken (I think a 2 year old got a hold of it) so now I have no way of uploading my digital pics to my laptop, unless I spend money to buy a new adapter. So, for now, here are some somewhat recent pics.

COLEMAN AND HIS SHENANIGANS. Playing with grandma's glasses.
Getting in one last swim of the summer season.

A photo shoot, on location with BRC Photography. Dominic is almost 5 months old, but these next few pics are of him at one and two months old. Enjoy till next time, whenever that will be!

Jul 15, 2009

Dominic was blessed on June 14th while my parents were here. He was only two weeks old, so we did the blessing in our home. It was awesome. Chris did a great job insctructing and blessing our little guy. I felt the spirit, and I know other did as well. It was peaceful and calm throughout the entire blessing. I always have someone help me write down words of the blessings for my sons, so I can type them out and put them in a safe place until I get them in a baby book. It's something my mom always did and I love to look back at all the father's blessings I was given and read the advice and direction from Heavenly Father. Hopefully our sons will look back at their baby blessings as more than just a day they recieved their name for church records. Father's blessings are always instructional and given with great love and I'm hoping the words spoken will be read with understanding in my son's later years.

Jun 22, 2009

Shake your bumb bumb

While picnicking with my parents at Sulphur Springs, Coleman got a bit of a jig in his step after swimming. We were able to convince him to keep dancing while my mom rolled the tape. Notice the "Helen Keller" rap song being sung by my husband? Notice my retort of "Horrible" to him after he finished. Yeah. We both think rap is laughable, so he wasn't serious. Anyway, this little dance/walk is catching on and he does it all the time now. Maybe by the time he's three he'll be pop-lockin' and c-walking. Or, er...yeah.
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Jun 13, 2009

Welcome to the world

Dominic Alan Goelz. Welcome to the family, little guy. 8lbs 8oz, 19" long. Looked just like Coleman at first. But, now he's coming into his own little Dominic look!
He had the perfect coloring. He latched on like an old pro. Never had jaundice, sleeps really good. He only wakes up to eat once at night, and then snoozes until about 9am every morning! He's too cute and as chill as could be! I wake up at night wondering when my little guy is going to want to eat again...but I soon doze off and relax for many more hours. It's crazy. Coleman was up through most of the night for the first three months. Good news about Coleman though, he LOVES his little brother. He helps get diapers, kisses him in the morning, and sneeks kisses throughout the day. About day three in the hospital Coleman requested to hold Dominic. They sat and watched cartoons for a while. So sweet.

We love having another little guy in our home. He is precious and has already brought so much joy into our lives. I'm amazed every time I think about the miracle of life and am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of it.

May 24, 2009


Less that two weeks away...can you feel it? Well, probably not, but I can. From the aching nether regions to low back pain, from abdominal cramping to sleepless nights, and from having no clothes that fit to prepping every inch of my house, I can feel it! My time as a pregnant lady is almost up! I can't wait. True, when babies are in the womb they are fed, rocked to sleep, asleep period, and cause little to no problems. But, I am SO looking forward to having little Dominic present and physically in my arms. He's a mover and a shaker, but I have a feeling he'll be a pleasant little guy, observing the shenanigans of his big brother rather than acting out himself. No, I don't want a docile or timid child, but I just have a feeling he'll be entertained slightly, rather than needing to be the entertainer. I had a rather restless night a few nights back, and ended up on the couch in a funky position trying to relieve back, side, and stomach pain. I was feeling a bit abandoned by Heavenly Father (haven't we all been there during pregnancy?) and I vocally asked, "Why, why, why? Please let me sleep. Why is this happening right now?" (referring to the early labor stage - three.weeks.early.) And, as clear as a bell I heard, "He will bring you joy and pleasure." And I seriously closed my eyes and fell asleep. I love being a mom. I love the guidance of the holy spirit, and of receiving a sweet mercy from Heavenly Father of being able to fall asleep. Now, the pains haven't gone away, but that one sweet mercy confirmed that it's all good. Joy and pleasure! Children, with all of their quirks, do bring those into this world!

This music isn't here just to listen to, it's to be lived and loved, so sit back and enjoy the sound

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THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS - Some momentarily, some forever.

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS - Some momentarily, some forever.
Can it get any better than love AND chocolate?

Pretty much the most talented/overlooked actor!

A dramatic, true story of a piano prodigy, music and love

Best animated kids movie so far!

must see the whole series...MUST

Best "princess" story...and FUNNY!

Thumbs down to Tom, but I love this oldie.

Nazi regime, rebellion, music. If you haven't experienced it, you haven't lived!

4th from the left, 1st one on the right..*sigh*

Say what?! You don't know about Led Zeppelin...yer crazeh!

The most inspiring musician, Rachmaninov

MUSE, MUSE, and more MUSE! I dare you to experience them.

Winger's! Best wings on the planet.

SUSHI! Everyone must try sushi. Pregnant women all over Asia eat Sushi and their babies are fine! That's what I told my OB/Gyn. She just said "Ohhhkayyy" and rolled her eyes.